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My Tank Is On Fire!


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I screwed up the lighting setting. :whatjust:


But THIS is what my hospital tank looks like with little Oerba Dia Vanille in it. I really love it, even with so much bare bottom. The air stone was originally close to the clay pot, but somehow Miss Vanille managed to move the stone even though there is a suction cup right above it. The suction cup is still attached to the glass, by the way. No idea how she did that.

I think I will change the look of the main tank to be similar. Slowly getting rid of all the gravel and the white and beige river stones; leaving the bottom bare with only a few black and dark brown river stones, the driftwood, the clay pot and of course Sucky Fishie's cave. I tried removing the cave, but she gets SO upset over it, searching for it frantically. :( I think she hides in there FROM the goldfish. :rolleyes:


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Yep, it was the camera. I was messing around with the lighting setting because a lot of times it makes the photos look so blue in artificial light. But man, I didn't mean for it to be THAT different :D

Looks like a lava stream in the background.

Is that what the opposite of fish heaven looks like? :D

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