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Update On The 85Gal

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So, today Sir L joined the 85Gal! So far everyone is playing nice! She is larger then the other 3babies, but they seem to really like her. Chunky Monkey follows her around all over the place! There was a bit of shoving during the feeding - but it was the babies shoving the big girl! :rofl

She also needs a new name ever since we discovered she was a girl - I am thinking Mary Poppins right now! :rofl




















:heart :heart :heart

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thanx guys! today the photos weren't awesome :( I have fuzzy pics!

you are getting updates everytime I add a fish, by the time they are all in you are all going to be over it :rofl :rofl :rofl

btw, do you guys see the tummy on Chunky Monkey? she has started to grow like a nut since I put her in the tank! I think she is also building muscles with all the swimming :whatjust:

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thanx DeeDee :)

I haven't seen any celestials around this forum for a while.

Stevie is a clown! He was all shy and very inactive during QT - now he is like a leader of the tank! I like how he is always swimming all over, investigating things. In QT he mostly swam on the bottom, now he goes all over! :thumb:

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thanx guys :) for now (touch wood) everyone LOVES everyone! :rofl

I am adding one at a time because of the cycle bump like ashlee says. So far I LOVE my cycle! It was well worth waiting 2.5 months for it! :rofl

I have to still add my redcap and my bully ranchu, Blondie (she is getting a 2nd chance after all the fish are in. Hopefully she won't decide she has to kill Dr.House again).

Then finally I have a TINY TINY TINY fantail in QT that I will add. But she is like 0.5inches so I am not sure if I will add her right after QT or maybe keep her a few months in the 30gal so she can grow a bit. She is sooooo adorable!

I just hope it won't get too crowded. 8fish for an 85gal... oh well, maybe when the ranchu babies become their enormous selves (of my dreams) I will get a 2nd tank so the 8 can be split.

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and I like Mary Poppins for your calico girl as she's in charge of all the little ones currently

exactly! :angelstaf:

Added in Sir Archie and will add Einstein today or tomorrow. :)

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