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Size Of My Palm

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Hi guys!

Some fuzzy-ish pictures of my three. Unfortunately my camera seems to have decided to pack up on (so helpful) so I ended up snapping a few quick pics with my Blackberry. Hopefully you will get an idea of how the three are doing though! :)


How to handfeed a goldie!


The three.


Charley in the palm of my hand.


Freckles in the palm of my hand.


Pumpkin in the palm of my hand.

So you can see how enormously round Charley is these days haha. Also her wen has grown a lot and she has started to finally get two proper little horn-balloons on her forehead! And Freckles' eyes are way more even in size now :)


(Sorry for the quality).

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Yeah Blackberry cameras suck for some reason! I am trying my hardest to revive my camera ASAP to snap some better pics!

Thanks loads guys :) xxx

The pics look better than what my phone would do. My phone makes pics taken in daylight look like it was nighttime lol

The fishies look great.

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I'm so impressed when folks have big healthy pearlscales -- not an easy thing to accomplish! Thanks for sharing!

Aw thanks! Charley's been really hassle free to be honest! I got her in bad condition so she has thrived since I got her and gotten really round :) guess she is just comfortable with my other two :) :)

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