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Ryukin In Quarantine

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So this is the little Ryukin I got today and who will have to stay in quarantine for now. She is quite sulky, and likes to hide between the pot and the bubble stone :D She really is red and white, but the camera alters the colors a bit. Kind of like this is what it really looks like.

But the photos make it either too dark or too glowing. The third picture is closest to true color.


Checking out her own reflection


just swimming around


This one showed me how many water stains are on the outside of the tank :o but it also shows the Ryukin shape a bit


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She is gorgeous :) They never have ryukins around here that pretty. Yay for the new fish.

Psst...you have to change your goldfish count in your profile :P

I know :D And yeah, I normally never see them in actual red and white, but this LFS I discovered carries a small but very pretty variety of rare-ish goldfish. They had another ryukin that I loved. Two actually, a really pretty calico with a lot of small black speckles on a nice orange, with only a little bit of white; kind of like this one http://www.americangoldfish.org/Winston%20salem/calico%20ryukin.jpg

And another calico with only a little black and a lot of orange which was really light colored, like a yellowish apricot. That one was a bit larger.

Especially the latter caught my eyes too a while ago, but I really wanted a red and white one.

Btw, for all of you who are looking for chocolate pom poms; they got about 10 right now for I think 16.99 each :D Man, if I just had a larger tank already. Adding two more fish to my tank right now... nah. But they were SO cute.

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