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New Fish In Quarantine Acting Strange


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Due to the announcment of getting a laaarge tank for Christmas, I was "allowed" to get the red and white Ryukin from Fintastic that I am whining over for the past three weeks. :) :) :)


Every time I was at the store and checked the fish out it seemed fine. Swimming around a lot but without being hyper, the other fish she shares the tank with were behaving the same, but in a different goldfish tank I saw a couple fish yawning and gaping a bit, apparently showing signs of flukes.

So I got her today, and I set up my old 10 gallons as quarantine tank. Its filter was running in the 55 gallons since yesterday (which is complete coincidence, I didn't even know we were going to the LFS today LOL) and I additionally spiked it with some media from the large filter.

While I was setting everything up, I put her bag in the 55 gallon tank so A) the temperature adjusts and B) my cat doesn't mess with the bag. New fish got all excited over seeing the other fish and really tried to swim with them.

After her bag has been floating in the quarantine tank for a while later on, I put her in that tank where she checked out everything and then started acting like a nut, swimming up and down, back and forth along the left side wall of the tank.

Not sure how smart goldfish are but it seems she remembered that right over there, only 10 inches away from her, separated only by the side of the entertainment stand, is the large tank with the other fish. To me she seemed frantic to get over in there, or maybe it was just coincidence.

Eventually she gave up, and is now bottom sitting a lot. Not constantly, but she spends about 30% of her time (so far) just sitting in a corner. Then she gets back up checking the tank and the bubble stone. I JUST SAW HER YAWN btw. Just now as I am typing this.

Checking out the bare bottom. Just to see if she got appetite I gave her a few tiny saki hikari pellets and she ate as if it was her first meal in weeks aka typical goldfish eating manners :D

As acitve as she is - when she is not bottom sitting - she seems a bit weak. The current from the filter gives her a really hard time. She is interested and curious, but it looks like she gets exhausted fast and has to bottom sit for a few minutes before she gets her pretty little butt back up to explore some more. I also wonder if she feels lonely, but I can't help her with that as long as she is in quarantine.

Would the filter's current be lighter if I fill the tank up higher? As of now I left a few inches so I got a little waterfall for extra aeration. Can this cause a stronger current? The filter doesn't let me adjust flowrate.

Oh yeah, and I added a teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon, as well as her first prazi dose.

The water is fresh from the tap, with two drops prime per gallon. Saw her yawn again just now, but she's a bit more active. She is about 3.5 inches long, without tail 2 inches. Not skinny, not bloated. All fins are alright.

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Sometimes it's normal for the fish to sit in the corner during quarantine. During Soochi's quarantine she bottom sat and acted all depressed and when she came out to go with all the other fish.

You may want to invest in a spray bar or increase the water level. What kind of filter is it?

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HOB Filter with 80gph. Right now she is swimming around a lot. Also filming her right now, just in case. She seems to avoid the waterfall/current area and is hiding next to the plant now. But yeah, depressed is kind of the impression she gives me. I know that most of the fish in her tank at the LFS were the same during the past three weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if she got flukes, but so do my other fish right now. I'll just have to treat them all anyway.

It's just strange, she checks out the bottom for edibles (even though there aren't any), then rests. Checks out the corners of the tank, rests. Suddenly spurts up to the surface, swims a couple rounds, rests. Stares at her own reflection, rests. This goes back and forth in a 30 second to 3 minute interval; active - resting - active - resting.

Maybe she's just emo.


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My fish always act pouty in Qt...it is a big transition to go from a tank full of fish in a store to a new and smaller tank all alone. But they hang in there.

I would keep an eye on your main tank, too. I am extra paranoid and sometimes plastic bags from the fish store can be carriers for bad bugs. Probably unlikely, but I would keep an eye on it to be safe.

Congrats on the new one!

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I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

I just made her tank more interesting. At first it only contained a bubble stone. Now I came back from the stores and changed the setup; she now got an amazon sword in a small glass pot with crushed coral (cycled), a brand new clay pot and some black river stones.

I have seen her bottom sitting only for a few minutes since then, she is eager checking out the stones, the plant and the pot.

So I guess she also was really really bored, lonely and depressed. And they say fish have no feelings.

But at the LFS, even though it was only a small tank, they seemed happy. There were about half a dozen fish in the tank, gravel and a few plants. Then within one hour of her little life all this gets taken away from her and she sits in a more or less completely bare tank, all by herself.

Awww... I could cry, I feel so bad for her. She must have felt so terrible before, and I thought she might be sick, but all she needed was something to make her feel less lonely :cry1

Well, at least she seems a lot happier now.

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