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They are so adoreable!!! :D So you got one of each in the end..nice choice :heart.

And the tank looks lovely. How generous of your little one to offer up his brothers names :rofl

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Thanks everyone!

Rai, that is exactly why I chose that little guy, the wen was way more pronounced than the other ones they had of that size.

Migaloo, I did'nt think I liked redcaps at first and I have to admit that seeing your avatar pic was one of the reasons that I warmed up to them. It is a super cool pic! Now I am loving this little guy more and more.

And for the moor, well he is just so cool looking and laid back in the tank. Love him! We named him Jerry Garcia. My husband loves the Grateful Dead and I have let him name our dogs (they are named after their songs) so I figured that he would really warm up to the idea of having these fish around if I paid tribute to one of his favorite people :D

Still trying to figure out what to name the oranda. I think that the little red cap looks like a beret. My son told the guy at the pet store today that we had a new fish with a little french hat on, it was so cute! So I'm thinking something french would be appropriate.

Again, thanks for all of your nice comments. I am so glad that I found this place!

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