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Just joined, but I have lurked and followed discussions in the past. I have found a lot of interesting and informative suggestions.

About me- I have 2 goldies and a 55 gallon freshwater tank. Bear is a comet and is around 10 years old. She was a chain store purchase made by a friend who was sold 5 little goldies for a 1-plus gallon tank. I constantly harassed her about it, and when she was unable to care for Bear, I took the tiny fish home in a bucket. She is far from any show quality. Her poor start left her ragged and missing various fins. She acts like a puppy and is wonderful.

Gonzo is a Shubunkin that I have had close to 5 years. Totally different in personality from Bear.

I am hoping that I can continue to learn and get ideas from everyone here. Reading the posts reminds me of issues I have dealt with over my years of having aquariums.

Thanks for having me!


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