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A Beautiful Pic Of Stringy Poop :(


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hey guys, i have no idea who the offender in my tank is as i was gone all day today.. but i came back 5 hours later to this:


this is at least 25cms long!.. like what the? how is this so? many many months ago, they were all somewhat stringy due to the horrible commercial food they were eating.. but nothing like this..

any ideas?

oh: ammo : 0

nitrA: 15

nitrI: 0

ph : 7.8

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thanks guys..

sarah (devilduck) and i were discussing this and we've concluded that it may be due to reabsorbtion of eggs.. they all appear happy and healthy so, i won't be alarmed just as yet. i've just never seen anything like it.. i have visions of one of them being lassoed by this string of poop and used the driftwood to break it free!.. but that could just be my imagination!. i am sure it just broke off and latched itself there..

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You know what's even funnier than the bikini? That the bikini looks like an insanely grinning face :rofl

LOL.. you're too right!! i shall amend her wardrobe for future photo shoots :yeah:

Pork chop looks far too *LADY LIKE* to ever do a poop like that! :lol1

don't let that butterfly skirt fook you becs.. under that skirt is a 100% pooping machine :tomuch:

Helen, so many images I could live without here....lol :tomato:

But it does look like a reabsorbed egg string to me....

thanks dennis, my thoughts exactly.. as pork chop's manager, i had to comply with the fax she sent me insisting i post her best bikini shot. :duckk:

I thought the Beaches in Australia were clothing optional ?

i'd post you a nudie shot, but you'd fall in love with her heavily sculptured :fbottom:


I just have one thing to say.....:rofl

yes, me toooooooo :tomuch:

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