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4 Fish,one Maybe Ill


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Hey guys,

Would appreciate some help,Basically i have 4 Goldfish in a 2ft tank,Gravel with an Air pump & air stone,and also a Filter..its a Fluval Filter.

3 of my fish seem healthy and happy,But the one lately has been like hes standing on his tail looking up at the waters surface and he/she will remain there for some time,but when i go close to the tank he/she will move and swim normally for a bit,but when i check back he/she is like it again like standing.

i cant find out what the problem is,from the outside he/she looks healthy.

I have treated the water with dechlorinator when i cleaned out tank last time,have i done something wrong?

thanks for any feedback :)

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Hi and welcome!

Sorry about your fish being floaty or tilty. Could it be to do with the water? In order to rule out water probs we really need some more info.

At the top of this forum there is a white box with some important questions. Rather like describing symptoms to a doctor we really need this tank info. Just answer as many of the questions as you can and someone will get right back to you :)

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Hi thanks for replying,the only questions i can answer from those questions are

How many fish in the tank and their size?

[*]What kind of water additives or conditioners?

InterPet Biosafe Tapsafe.

[*]What do you feed your fish and how often?

Tetra pond sticks,feed them every night at 10pm.

[*]Any new fish added to the tank?


[*]How often do you change the water and how much?

every 3 months or so,full change.

[*]How many fish in the tank and their size?

4 fish,all of around equal size of around 3.5 - 4cm long.

I know its not much info,But all those other questions i have no clue what they mean.

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Okay. that is fine. Nor did most of us before finding Kokos.

The thing is that water is usually (like 98% of the time) the root problem of all fish diseases and "issues". In order to know whats going on........as you cannot see or smell trouble in water..........water testing kits are used to test if there is a) ammonia, b) nitrites -another deadly chemical and c) pH level. Also nitrates and kh/.gH numbers are good to know. Its very important to know your numbers. I strongly recommend you get an all-in-one kit or take a sample of tank water to a fish store where they usually test for free. Make sure they write down those numbers.

Since you dont know anything right now I would do an immediate temperature matched (just make sure the new water is approx the same temp as the water going out) HALF TANK water change. Yep, no less. I wont say more as we dont know your pH. If we knew your pH was stable and tap/tank same I would suggest a full tank water change.

Basically fish excrete ammonia 24/7 and the poop in the water and any leftover food also releases chemicals that build up. Water changes for goldfish should be every few days once cycled. How long have you had the fish? This will give us a clue to if you are cycled or not.

See how she is after the change. Let us know.

Then, I suggest meanwhile (until you get water kits so you know what is going on) you feed a couple of defrosted frozen peas (microwave till soft and pop out of shells before feeding). Consider changing her diet too. Many fish build up allergies and digestive problems with starchy commercial foods fed for a continuous stretch, she may be constipated and peas will deal with that.

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You can take some water to your local pet shop (most well test for free) Also tank size, water changes (how much, how often), filteration ect.... Would go a long way helping us help you.

For now nothing to add to Trinket's great advice.

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Do you have a Fluval tank? I know that those come with the filter included. I have a couple of fluval tanks too - do you happen to know the liters/gallons? I think it might also be worth it to look into an extra filter. I find that the ones 'included' and always pretty tiny (in size and filtration rate) for goldies :) Just because goldies poop way more than tropicals.

Good luck with the water change, make sure you clean out your gravel a little too :)

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