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So now that my 85Gal is finally cycled and the first fish are in, I have begun to analyze the first obvious problems.

Unlike in my turtle tank where the outputs of the canisters are towards the floor + push the poop towards the intake (her floor is always perfect) - in the goldie tank I used the spray bars for DO. This leads to POOP on my barebottom floor. :stars

SO here is what I was thinking: what if I add 2 water pumps in the front lower corners of the tank that will blow the poop back towards the intakes? It would be 2 very low power pumps, so the fish don't get too much current.

Worries: Can I submerge water pumps so deep? The cable would be more than a foot in water (???)

Does anyone have any tips on how to lengthen the canister intakes? I have them extended to the maximum but that still leaves it about 6inches from the floor.

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You should be able to find clear ridgid aquarium tubing in sizes to match Your filter . I just replace the entire intake tube with one piece that extends to the bottom.

They usually come 3 ft long , so that should be plenty for even a tall tank


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