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Addition Of Carbon Filter After Prazi Treatment


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Hi everyone,

I'm on day 21 of the prazi treatment and in two weeks I'm supposed to add carbon filter to end the treatment and remove the prazi. I currently don't have any carbon filters left at home and I was wondering whether it is ok not to put the carbon filter on day 35, since prazi gets deactivated after 3 days anyway. I wanted to ask in advance, so that I have time to go buy a filter if needed. Thanks!

P.S. There has been a big improvement in my 3 goldfish after starting the treatment (no bottom sitting anymore), but they still gulp at the surface once in a while and there is still some yawning. Is it normal for prazi to take this long to get rid off the flukes?

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It's fine. Water changes are another option to remove the prazi. I'd say just do a water change if you don't have carbon.

Be patient. Is the tank well aerated?

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