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This explains why Bully is in there.

Micah is starting to have more and more problems with his tail. Spends more and more time with nose up and having some issues swimming. It is just to much for him. But on the bright side when the chase is on (poor Mystic) he can't catch her no more.

Mongo blue oranda, Mytic orange/red oranda, Henry telescope and Micah calico fantail.

Oh and Bully Angelfish. Somehow he looks bigger in this tank.








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Mongo :wub:

Nice clean looking tank :D So how is Bully doing in with the goldies? Are they ignoring each other or is he schooling with them?

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He seems to really like hanging out with them. lol He gets in there and competes for food and does not nip at them. So doing pretty good. Only other tank I have he can possibel go in is my 10 gallon with lots of extra water changes. But I keep my 55 around 78 these days and he seems right at home but it does look weird having him in there. He is the strangest goldfish I have ever seen. lol

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