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Just For Fun And Info :)


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Hi All.

I sometimes wonder how your local petshop/fish store looks.

So maybe some of you wonder the same thing?

Thats why i took some photos from my local danish plants/pets store "Plantorama".

The photos are not great (taken with my phone) but i hope you

get something out of watching them anyway.

Best regards :)

Guldklumpen / Jesper

The Koi tank:






The common goldfish tanks:



Big mixed fish tank:



The Plant tanks:


Mixed fish tanks:



Some cute goldies :)









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Nice! I like how clean it is! Like my one here :)

You are so lucky to have all those pretty goldies! They are illegal in Switzerland except for the plain FanTails :(

We should all post pics of our favorite LFS!

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Dude!!! Your petstore has one awsome fish section! :yikes Everything looks so well taken care of. Maybe I should move to Denmark... :rofl

I could totally get lost in there for a day... :rolleyes:

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Thx for your feedback all. :)

I must admit it is very hard for me, not to buy new fish when im at the store.

There are so many cuties and it is so easy to imagine setting up a home for them at my place :)

When i feel my willpower is very low, I try NOT to look at the baby oranda's or the baby Ranchus, hehe.

Mostly i shop there for plants (read salad) and frozen food for my goldies :D

Seeing pictures from you guys local live fish store would be great.

I am kinda curious and sometimes i get the feeling the goldies are quite rare in some places?

Federica, how come only fantails are legal in Switzerland?

Btw. Tvilsen is doing great and recently layed her first batch of

eggs after surviving dropsy, im so happy you helped save her life :)

The Koi are really awesome, if i had a garden i would love some koi's in a pond.

The ones in "Plantorama" are very hand friendly, you could actually pet them.

Guldklumpen / Jesper

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There is a store I went to in Florida that looks a lot like that with the huge free standing tanks. And so so clean. We have a mom and pop like that here but rarely shop there the owner sold it and don't like the new (not so new now but) owner at all.

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Wow, that is amazing. Unfortunately, I don't have anything that nice by me. I'm curious though, what is the currency there? Some of the pictures show prices and I would like to see the USD conversion.

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OH my God!! If I had a pet store around here that was that nice I don't think I would ever leave. I would probably take a job there working for free If it meant I could hang out all the time!

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