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Been Prepping My Goldie Tank.

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The tanks are all due for routine cleanings anyways...It's been quite a job to catch plecos with stubborn plecos holding out and then popping up later clinging to the glass.

Hours of catching plecos. Filters all need some cleaning too. Around this time I'm glad I decreased the amounts of tanks.

Not sure if goldeis like caves or I could leave the tank empty except for the "island" of roots from my above tank place growth. Umm...I guess you have to see a picture of this, but since this computer won't accept my camera you'll have to settle with mental telepathy.

I figured I'd better take out the cyrts and anubias and put them into another tank.

Oh yes and my goldie Bromley has developed a white patch ( like body coloring not fungus)...I hope this isn't a result of being trapped in a net breeder and being too stressed.

Which was in an indirect punishment . Yeah I joke about punishing my goldieI in case you can't tell) because that wasn'

t really the purpose as the real sulprits were my killies. Those naughty naughty killies. My danios are still healing from that incident.

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OK, no caves then.

Bad part is one of the filters I cleaned hasn

't been working so it's now an unfiltered tank. Which is working fine right now since the tank had a major water change. Could probably function indefinately as an unfiltered if I wasn't using it as a goldie tank now.

Luckily I have more filters then tanks setup so if one doesn't work, I'll pull another out of storage.

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