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My New Black Moore And Red Capped Oranda

Guest Spirk

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These are my new gold fish, a Black Moore and a Red Capped Oranda!


I just cant wait for them to grow huge!!!!!

I have them in a 15 gallon tank since they are so small but

will move them to a 55 gallon once they out grow there small tank.

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Welcome to KGW!

Just remember to keep them in 15g for at least 3-4 weeks so you can monitor them for any unusual health symptoms. Quarantine is 3-4 weeks. The longer, the better.:)

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:Congrats: Very cute! They will grow a bit more quickly in the larger space once out of QT.

Will they still grow even if I have them in the 15 gallon tank? I was thinking of leaving them in there until next summer. Then moving them to a bigger tank. Should I move them immediately after 3-4 weeks?

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