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Houston We Have Names

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So my mother (upon seeing what I brought home) decided that every fish in the tank (except stripey fish) is awarded a October themed name for the month.. Please take a look at "Pumpkin" and tell me if this is due to eggs or overfeeding or constipation??

Ava has been nicknamed "Ghost" and Java has been nicknamed "Pumpkin"





Ava and Java and "Witch" behind them, so we have Ghost, Pumpkin, and Witch.


Pumpkin and Stripey fish


Stripey fish




Pumpkin and Witch


Pumpkin (right) Witch (top) and Halloween (left)


Pumpkin and Ghost (bottom) Witch (top) Halloween (middle) Stripey Fish (headstand)




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Have you seen any zig-zaggy poos? She seems a little young for eggs.

I've only been home a couple of hours, no poo yet from her.. but my mom just fed her before I got home, and witch, halloween, and stripey fish needed food, so she ate some of theirs too on top of what mom gave her.. I just want to make sure shes not going to suffer from this expansion.. I plan on giving everyone peas tomorrow anyways.

as for her age, I didn't think she was old enough either? I've had her since July, she was the size of a nickel and she's now the size of a half dollar.

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I don't think it's eggs. Perhaps the pea will help like you said. See if any air comes out of her poos later on. :heart They are all soooo cute

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I'm no help on the eggs/poop but they are all looking good!

And geez was I confused by the name change. I was like...wait are there two fish that look like Java? And then I had to double check each picture.

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