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Uv Lighting

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Hey everyone!!

So I've noticed some discussions about UV lighting for tanks. Can anyone tell me more about this? Like what are the benefits of having it, how much does it cost, etc.? Thanks!! ^__^


UV kills water-borne pathogens, bacteria and algae (and parasites, if the flow rate is slow enough). Primarily clears up the algae that causes green water. Basically, it's a bright UV light in a watertight case, and water is pumped in one end and out the other. The water is exposed to the light, which then results in the undesirables being killed. The slower the water going through, the more is killed. Algae doesn't need much exposure to get rid of, but bacteria and parasites do. Slowing down flow with a ball valve helps effectiveness.

UV only works on waterborne stuff, your algae and bacteria stuck on tank walls will still remain.

Cost-wise, there's the initial investment into purchasing the unit, but the bulbs usually have to be changed every 12 months as their effectiveness drops off after that. There's the electricity usage also. The UV comes in different wattages, depending on tank size. I'm using a 9w on a 29g tank atm. Make sure bulbs are cheap and readily available when you select your UV unit, there's nothing worse than paying a heap for one and finding out that the bulbs either cost a bomb, or can't be found.

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i have one, i loooooove it to bits.. my water is crystal clear with it.. no problems at all.. it's been running my 66gal for a few months now.. as joshua says, it does not stop algae growing on the glass all together, but i can say that the rate of it coming back and the amount that comes back is minimal if you are a regular cleaner of your tank glass.

i've noticed a huge difference and would never be without one again.

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