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Marine Set Up


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im just really curious.. who doesnt love to one day own one ? anyways, im not gonna set one up ANY time soon, im 17, turing 18 this month, got my studies to worry about once it starts. once everything is done, and i got a good paying job, i shall set one up. but i just got some questions.

water changes. i know you can get saltwater from your lfs, but how do people deal with the weekly water changes.

monitoring and equipment.

and setting up the live rocks and coral.

i dont do plastic, my freshwater is ALLL plants. i got a nice steady heavily planted tank, and obviously planting and replacing them around the tank is fairly easy. but waht about live rock and coral? how do you deal with it or move it around or set up?

i hope you guys can answer this, i know theres google, but sometimes there are only few articles and tons of sites to go through which makes it a bit much on the eyes. so id figure, why not have a thread and see waht people say. i know we got mainly GF people here, but i know we got out tropical peoples and marine peoples here, so we shall see.

thanks in advance btw for anyone who puts in there 2 cents :D

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There is a thread with my old Salt water tank..

When i had my tank I got water from the LFS, my tank was all Natural :) I had a skimmer, 2 filters, live rock and live coral and plants :)

1. Tank

2. rock

3. fish or coral or both

4. skimmer (depends on the size of the tank)

5. filters

6. lighting

7. Test kits (a must)

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