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Amazing Growth And Now Babies?


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:rofl :rofl totally. well the idea was Sirius, Lupin, and James: Harry Potter's dad and friends. :rofl :rofl The way my fish act would fulfill a lot of fangirl's dreams. James is obsessed with Sirius and chases Lupin away from him :rofl :rofl

Yep, butterfly/hillstream loach. I had to give the pet store all the names of it I could to make sure I got the right kind. They're so pretty :heart and don't get huge :) aaaand they're tons cheaper and prettier than a bristle nose pleco. I have a lot of flow in my tank thanks to the 340gph filter, 295 and 145 gph powerheads. My goldfish get a lot of exercise :D I do turn them off at night since the fish don't have anywhere to hide and would just get blown around on the bottom and not get good sleep. I caught Waka taking naps before I started turning them off at night. Really freaked me out the first time I saw him sitting on the bottom in a low flow area. :oops:

Pete's babies are still growing :D They still don't show up on camera though. :lol1

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The Physas finally had babies o.o; I found one that's bigger than Pete's biggest one. I'm thinking of collecting all that I see and separating out apple from physas. Yeah, I'm not taking care of any more clutches. She also laid another one a couple days ago. :P

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