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Fingers Crossed!

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smiley.jpg We may have found Herman a 30 gallon tank with stand and filter for $65 on Craigslist! We don't have room for the tank in Little Breeches' room so I'm thinking of setting it up in the basement. It's cooler down there, and I'm looking to make the finished section into a classroom/library. We'll need class pets right?

The stand is a black wood cabinet with a door so we can hide all of the accoutrements. Most of our furniture is natural or dark stained wood from Germany, so perhaps I'll paint or strip the cabinet....but I believe getting Herman into his new digs is priority.

Anyway, I'm excited so I thought I'd share! excited.gif

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Well, we ended up with a 30 gallon tank, lid, light and a Whisper filter for 30 gallons with extra filter stuff. The stand was a particle board cabinet that had (we discovered as we were inspecting it) cat wee soaked up in the bottom. a26.gif They brought the price down to $40, so we took all but the stand obviously.

My first instinct is to really scrub the dickens out of this thing....and although I use all natural cleaners, something told me to ask here first. What is the best thing to use? The filter was not cleaned out when they took the tank down, so it has a pretty strong ammonia smell when we opened it up at home. (Those poor fish! Don't want to think too much about that!)

And now I'm on the hunt for a stand. And an another filter, and........


3Thanx.gif in advance!

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