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Removing A Paint Background


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I just bought a craigslist tank (68g for $50 how could I pass it up!?) but it has black paint on the back....

I am just wondering if there is an easy and SAFE (as in, for my fish) way to remove the paint? I was thinking of paint thinner, but I don't want to take any chances of any getting INSIDE the tank and killing my fish! :no:

It's acrylic paint, I believe....

I just saw the post about painting your own background and I want to give it a try...but I wouldn't be able to use it if the paint stays on...

Any ideas are welcome! :)

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Thanks guys! I didn't even think of using physical effort! :oops::lol

And thanks, Dennis, for the articles! They really pointed it out to me how easy (relatively) it's going to be to get it off! :D

Now I just have to buy bulkhead plugs, and clean the sand out of it!

I'll take pictures of it now (all filled with marine sand and black painted and PVC intact) and update my blog as the process continues! :)

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