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My New Huge Tank :-)


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Hi everyone,

Well after months of saving up, ive finally managed to upgrade my 30 gallon tank to a 90 gallon tank.

In the tank i have 5 live plants, which are just tempuary as i would like to put in jave fern and amazon swords as these are getting munched lol.

I have a tetratec APS400 air pump set up. with two outlets being used. ive used the curtain of bubbles effect as i think this generates more bubbles for them.

I also have 1 Fluval 4 internal filter and 1 fluval U series filter. I did have 2 fluv 4's but 1 didnt work, so i had to take it back. It was just my luck that this was the last one so i settled for the other fluval.

I do have a eheim pro 2 external filter, which i got help with starting it up on here (thank you), but i decided not to use it just yet. ( rented flat, leak = big trouble)

Ive used natural small pebbles for my substrate, i need to buy another 3 bags though as 30kg just hasnt done the job.

As I have ran out of money this month, i am using my 2 foot light from my previous tank until i can get the 4 tubes for the tank replaced.

There are 2 peices of bogwood here, some natural stones, various fake plants and a big skull ( lurch likes to hide in here)

Eventually the tank decor will completely change, but i'm doing it bit by bit every month.

I hope you guys like it, any problems you can see with it, please let me know.


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Almost big enough for all of them. But if you keep the 30 gallon up and running a couple fish in there then they all have enough gallons. It is was me I would keep the telescopes in the 30 gallon. That way they don't have to compete for food.

Can't wait to see how you fix it up.

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It really looks great! But I agree with Hidr, I would put your black teles in the smaller tank as they wouldn't have to compete against your other goldies with good eyesight!



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Yea, I didn't plan on having the common goldfish or the shubinkin, but an ex wife of my dads friend was moving and wanted rid of them. Some of her friends are a bit odd so thought it best I took them under my wing.

I feed my black moors at the other end of the tank whilst the others battle it out. Don't want my boys starving. I did consider havin them in a separate tank, but we have such a tiny flat. I just don't have the space for another tank setup. My boss has a huge garden pond, so my back up plan is to give the commons to him once they are big enough.

Thanks for the comments, makes all the hard work more worthwhile :-)

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