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Qt Of The Babies

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So my the ranchu twins and Steve Urkel have been in 0.3% salt for 3 weeks now. All seems great. Can I start dosing down the salt one week before? Can I do the last week at like 0.1%?

The ranchus still have 2 weeks in QT as they are only at 2/4 Prazi treatments. Steve is already on 3/4 so he should be done by next week.

Then its a waiting game for the new tank where the twins will go in (with the big boys), and Steve will join Dr.House in the current 40gallon. :mytank1:

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thanx! I am so excited! they are looking real good! Little Chunky Monkey has had MORE color change - he is by far the one with the biggest personality! :heart He eats from my hands and sucks on my finger tips. So sweet!

thanx amy! I have to check, they will be 'technically' be over with QT, but for now they are not moving out of their single tanks for a few more weeks. I have to wait for my new tank to arrive - I think it should be around the week of the 26! And HOPEFULLY by then my fishless cycle on the new tank filters will be done. Only then can I even start thinking of moving anyone. :blink: The ONLY good thing about this is that I don't have the temptation of adding in the fishies too soon!

But I am really excited for them to be off salt etc :bingo: So they can get themselves relaxed a bit before the move. I actually think the twins will be the first to move into the new tank - little bio load for the fresh cycle :P imagine two 1inch baby ranchus zipping around a 100gallon tank! :rofl

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