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My Goldies (And Other Finkids)

Guest Fiere

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Guest Fiere

Showing off my fin-kids, excuse the blurriness, the camera isn't the greatest and action shots are not its friend.

My Goldies:

The common is a 5 y/o rescue, who was in rough shape when I was given him after being dropped on the floor at wal mart and breaking his dorsal fin, named Flash, and then Booker is my 7-8 y/o female calico Ryukin, who had a gorgeous hump years ago, but it has since shrunk to nothing. I am under the understanding that calicos generally have smaller humps, as well as females of the species, so it is not surprising she is hump-less.






And the others:

My Corydora, Cory (I am very original)


And my Cichlid, who will happily jump out of the tank to take a chunk out of your hand, hence his name: Jaws.


I also have a Raphael Catfish, who lives with Jaws as he ended up killing my breeding pair of Giant Danios and Cory's mate, Dora, the first night we had him. The cat is aptly named A**hole. He is impossible to capture on film as he doesn't leave his log until we are all asleep. As well I have a large common pleco, named Sherman (like the tank, tee hee) who moves from tank to tank depending on the algae level, also impossible to catch on film.

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Guest Fiere

She looks that way doesn't she? I have no pictures of her in her prime, sadly, but this was when she was a 1.5" (including fins) baby, she had a more prominent hump than now lol.


Whether or not she is what the breeder said she was, I love her all the same. The wonky little goober she is.

Thanks for the lovely comments!

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