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Fx5 And Maintainence

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The FX5 is kind of a pain because the filter media that I need to get to regularly is in the bottom basket. This means I have to lift out the whole thing and unstack the baskets. I want to polish my water but GRRRRR I don't like getting four bath towels out surrounding the area etc...

I just tried to make a temp floss filter on the outflow with netting and a ball of floss but I couldn't make it stay there.


How do YOU maintain your FX5?

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I did add some floss to the top of the top media basket but the directions say the fine filters go in the bottom basket.

I think the waste needs to reach the beneficial bacteria colony right?

Well like I said I couldn't resist adding some to the top. When I had a turtle I didn't care about pristine water but now I want fine filters:) and no particles. :mytank1:

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