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The Start Up Of Snail Tank (Progress)

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Well, some of you would have seen one of my topics about setting up a snail tank and breeding. So, I'm making this topic to keep posting the progress of every thing.

Up to now I've got a new desk that I got last night and set up.


My next step is to buy the tank when I've got the money. Will upload picture here when I've got one.

Feel free to post any info that you think may help me with then tank/snails.



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hi paul,

i have been reading on the forums about snails, particularly apple snails as you and i both have interest in these.. i found some very interesting information to help you along.. please visit thread:


and scroll right to the bottom.. martha has posted some very good links for all to benefit from.. i think you will find all this information very helpful seeing as you are wanting to breed them..

good luck, and i wish you every little bit of success. i also look forward to your "REGULAR" updates. okay?


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