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Pumpkin Is Bloated And Pineconing :(


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Ohhhhhh no this is such sad news :cry1

I had such hopes for Pumpkin.. I truly believe you did everything you could do (especially with such limited resources) $100 is absolutely insane btw. And it doesnt seem like it would have gotten there in time anyway.

It's sad that she faded so fast when it seemed hopeful.. I'm so sorry you lost both fish.


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Thanks, guys. It was just as hard losing Pumpkin even though we both suspected she probably wouldn't recover. She fought really hard... at one point she was about to give up, but my girlfriend spoke to her and told her to fight, and Pumpkin did fight for another full week. We miss both their chubby faces very much. Thanks for all your help again.


Ponyo & Pumpkin <3

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