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They Ill?

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you got me on that one??do they usually huddle up together like that?and is that a real crab in with them??

I've only got them today, they say they take up to 48 to move etc.

Naa it's not, fake that my bro gived me.

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okay.. i haven't seen that before.. but please understand, they've been shipped.. and like gf, tend to get stressed from all the movement and possible throwing around.. so do give them a little time to get settled.. can you blanch some spinach or cucumer? they go crazy for that stuff. if you can boiling some water from your tank (don't use tap water) and blanch some spinach or cucumber for a few minutes, take it out from the hot water, let it cool and finally pin it down to the bottom of the tank somewhere secure where it won't float to the surface.. this may encourage them to come out from their shells..

the veggies need to be softened just a little bit. not too much as snails do have sharp teeth.. here, see what i mean?



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