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So my current crappy filter that came with the tank i built is leaking dirty water back into my water. I made the mistake of using an ammonia removing filter pad along with zeolite, so i removed both and threw them in the bin.

So I was wondering what I could temporarily substitute in the middle part of my canister.

I am currently in the process of cycling a new 119 litre tank. With a new filter.



So I would like to put somthing in the biggest space. I have to keep my fish in there for probably another month.

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Filter floss would be great to add.

Put your loose floss at the top then the ceramic bio bag in the middle and the bio sponge on the bottom. The idea being the floss gets the big stuff so the other media doesn't get blocked up which will keep them from working as well. I know Koko uses filter floss and really likes it instead of carbon.


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