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Constipation, Pellets.


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Feels like I'm spamming this forum with the amount of questions I have...

Water parameters: normal.

Anyway, I started my two fancies on pellets today, and just experimented with one pellet each, I was and idiot and didn't let them soak for too long..

The little one appears to fine :undecided: that is, he did a small whitish poo earlier.

The larger telescope eye is currently doing a clear pasta like poo... :undecided: he's behaviour is fine and normal. However the pellett did becoem stuck when he ate it, but he got it down eventually.

Should I be worried?

OMG yay! his poop has substance!

All clear, I think...

Thanks guys

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are the fish new? did you order them or pick them up in store? just from the description I can't be as much help but if you could take pictures of the poo that would help so much! the poo could be anything from stress, to something more.

what type of pellets are these? how big are your fish? what is your set-up? actually, could you fill out the questions from the white box at the top of this thread? just copy and paste it and then fill it in. :)

also your post is a bit confusing, were you in the middle of typing when you decided "all was clear"?

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:exactly what Martha said with the questions and definitely get a picture if you can. It can either be stress poo, or they could be suffering from parasites. Or they could be constipated. Have they ever been treated for parasites before?
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