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I Have 5 Happy Fish Thanks To Kokos!

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It's been a couple of weeks since all of my dreaded fish issues and since I lost my favorite Millie and King. It seems that my mistakes and nature took away the weaker fish and my remaining 5 have thrived. My 75gal tank is doing wonderful. I still have a brown aglae bloom and it's not dissipating at all so I may have to intervene. I'm not sure how much longer I can handle looking at it. My water params are great. The last few tests have been consistant at:

Ammonia - 0

Nitrites - 0

Nitrates - 5

pH - 8.0

Wingo, Snotrod, Rusty, Ironman2 and Batman are all incredibly healthy and happy! I owe all of this to Kokos!! And Drs. Foster and Smith owes you a commission as well! :yeah: . Thanks to you all I have spent money there and bought the necessary things to help me keep healthy fish!

They are all eating Saki-Hikari sinking pellets and they get fasted once a week and get fed peas the next day. I don't see any stringy poops, no bloody fins or parasites, no bottom sitting or anything bad! WHEW! I almost don't know what to do with myself because I don't have to do any nursing of sick fish! LOL!

In other news, :newfish I am now the proud mommy of two new fish who are currently in the QT on their second day of salt... so I'm at .2% now. I will get pictures of them once they are transferred to the new tank later. One is a large, fat black moor who is actually quite light in color... I'm assuming it's because he's so big already (2-3 inches). The other is an orangish/yellowish and black oranda. He's small and I expect his coloring to change of course. His wen is almost non-existent so I hope to see it grow fast!

So, thank you Kokos for making this hobby even more enjoyable for me and helping me to keep healthy fish!!!!

I should add, with the new additions I fully expect to be dealing with a few issues but at least I can handle it now and maybe I can make the two new fish as happy and healthy as the other ones.

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You do great work Koko!!!!!

And I forgot to mention my new fishees names:)

The oranda is Clyde (the name I chose) and the moor is Mac (my kids love naming our fish after all the characters in the Cars movie.)

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