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He's Here!

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He got yesterday apparently around 9 am -ish. He was a little stressed out last night and my car broke down, so I was busy. That and because of my job I go to bed around 8 pm, I just didn't get around to pictures yesterday. So here they are.

He seems to be in pretty good shape minus that small boo-boo on his tail and I suspect he may have flukes. I could be wrong and it could just be stress but he was doing the flashing thing yesterday. Not a problem though as I'm treating him with salt and prazi. Should take care of anything he might have.

I haven't thought of a name yet. Suggestions are welcome.



Give me a kiss!




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WOW, he's gorgeous! So pretty :heart I don't know why, but the name Rambo came to mind when I saw his picture!

The ryukin I just got has a very similar boo boo on his tail too. Maybe from thrashing around in the bag.

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