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An Update On My Female Betta Tank


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Just thought I'd let you all know I was still alive here, lol.

I still have my 10 gallon tank. I packed it up and moved from Florida to New York with it, the only loss suffered was my albino cory cat. The 5 female bettas managed the journey on the floor of a moving van just fine (in the cab, not the back!)

Got a new albino cory, that thing died a few months later (I moved in October). Lost a female not long after that, or it might've been before that, don't really remember.

Anyways, waited until I could find another female big enough to add, seeing as mine are all giants by now, lol. I also managed to find the most lovely and HUGE green cory cat. He wasn't for sale but after looking at all the other bottom feeders at the store (the one with co after pet) the lady working there said I won't tell if you won't and bagged him up for me, so I paid "Small Cory Cat" price for one that's about 2.5 inches long, and almost as tall!!!

Females don't bother it, so everyone's doing alright. Did have an issue of them going after the smallest of the group, but I seperated them until she healed up and they seem fine again. The oldest one does seem to be falling behind slightly tho, she's a few years old now so it's only to be expected.

Don't know what I'm going to do after these gals, they're such a blast to watch and interact with. They follow me, nibble my fingers, and they don't mind being touched ("petted" I guess you could say, if you can pet a fish, lol) It's really funny to watch them try and steal the catfish food since it's bigger than their mouths can handle, but the plucky little things try anyway.

My fiance and I are hoping to get a large corner tank with stand for the living room eventually and any survivors left will have place of honor in there. So far the only tank I've seen is 36 gallons :o

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Hey, welcome back. :) I love the female bettas also and have 3 myself. I never put them together though as I don't want them to get beat up. Sounds like you got it all figured out with your girls and they are happy! The corner tanks look neat--they have a cool 40 gal at Smartpet but I don't have room right now. That's awesome about the cory and good to know the betta's don't bother him. Well, have fun with your kids--maybe you could share pix sometime?? You know how much we like to see what everybody has. ;)

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