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I figure I've been posting enough I'm allowed one of these now :)

I be Sarah. I had that printed on a badge once. It went with my pirate outfit.

I'm from Guildford but since starting uni I don't live there anymore, I'm currently living near Middlesbrough, will shortly be moving to Newcastle and not long after that will be returning to Manchester for uni where you will find me until next summer. Pick a city. You might find me in any of them.

I like to travel. I've been to Iceland (twice and would go again in a heartbeat), France, Spain, Italy, Greece and America. I'd love to go to Egypt, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand so if someone wants to put me up that would be awesome ;) My favourite city is Paris, I think it's the fresh baked croissants every morning, I'm a sucker for a fresh croissant. I like travelling within the UK, I have family in Scotland so been up around Edinburgh a few times, I've taken a few holidays with Stu at the Isle of Wight, I've also been to the Peak District, the Lake District and several areas of Devon and Cornwall. I once ventured over to Ireland my Irish friend (fancy that!). It wasn't green. There was 6 inches of snow. I'd go again.

I'm starting my final year of a Chemical Engineering degree at Manchester University in October. Not figured out what I'm going to do with it yet. Anyone in North-East England works for an engineering company and wants to give me a job let me know :)

I read a lot, mostly sci-fi and fantasy but I like some other stuff too. I'm trying to break away from reading the same and similar authors all the time. I now just pick a book up in the store and if it looks vaguely interesting I'll buy it. My favourite book is Shogun by James Clavell which is an amazing read if a bit of a brick. I also enjoyed Eagle in the Sky by Wilbur Smith, most things by Terry Pratchett, Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy, the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde and Magician by Raymond Feist. I read quite a lot of webcomics, the main ones being Dominic Deegan, Girl Genius, Questionable Content, Sinfest, Family Man and Gunnerkrig Court though there's several others. I'm always on the look out for new webcomics so feel free to suggest some you've enjoyed! Ditto with books ;)

I used to do a fair amount of art stuff; painting with acrylics, drawing, candle carving, stencilling etc. I'm getting into quilling now. I used to play guitar a lot, it's something I'm trying to get back into but need to ease myself into it so my fingerpads come back and I don't damage my fingers from playing too long. I play mostly classical stuff with some instrumental stuff like Joe Satriani (a few things are still work in progress there! I used to be able to play stuff I can't anymore :( ).

I've been with my boyfriend 4 years now, he's a computer nerd. We have 3 hamsters, 1 syrian and 2 Roborovski's.

I started with a goldie in a 2 gallon tank. I now have 5 fishtanks between me and my boyfriend,

40 gallon (mine)

- Mariko, calico oranda

- Rusty, currently chocolate oranda

- Red, crowned pearlscale

24 gallon (Stu's goldie in my tank)

- Admiral Tovil-Toba, tiku pearlscale

- 4 white cloud mountain minnows

4 gallon (mine)

- Mr Betta, red

6 gallon (mine)

- Kitchen Betta, blue and black

6 gallon (Stu's)

- Halfpint, dwarf puffer

See my blog for fish stuff.

I spend far too much time on Koko's, particularly while at work (this bit not to be read by anyone who wants to give me a job!), and as I'll be living on my own again for uni in 3 months I don't see that changing anytime soon! Sorry folks ;)

Anything you've ever wanted to ask me, here's the place!

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