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Best Set Up For A Bubble Eye.

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I'm here for advice, that doesn't mean I'm going to agree with everything you say. But I do consider everything that is said (err, typed) and i do appreciate all the people who have given advice, whether I agree with it or not.

I have read every word you typed!!

Clearly you haven't.

EDIT: Nevermind, eh? I'm getting the distinct impression I'm not wanted here anyway. I'm used to it in the real world, should get used to it online. :( Was fun whilst it lasted. Sorry that I'm annoying or whatever i've done wrong.

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Pontosfan, please don't feel that you are unwelcome here! It's just that sometimes you come across as a little bit argumentative, do you think you'd be willing to try being a little more open to what we say? Maybe work on the wording of your responses? Sometimes when I disagree with advice I'm given I try to acknowledge the advice and thank the person for it even if I don't plan to use it. It tells the person that you appreciate their input and the time they spent responding to you. I know you say that you are open to advice, but it sometimes comes across that you aren't by the way you respond. If that makes sense. I hope you stay.

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