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Still A Bit Worried About Blondie...

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20 gallon QT tank

- Ammonia - 0

- Nitrites - 0

- Nitrates - 0

- pH - 8.4

- tap pH - 7 (water is aged until tap water equals tank water)

- temp - 24C

Blondie has been on 0.3% salt for a week now. She has also had her first (out of 4) round of Prazi. Just realized that was USLESS as the stupid Eheim HOB I got for the Qts has CARBON AS A FILTER CARTRIDGE - WHY would they do that. PFFFFF.... :wa So I removed it yesterday and also a funky green cartridge - which didn't seem 'normal' either. So now I just have my own sponge in there.

Anyways. Have to restart Prazi from 0 now... :cry1


- 2 white spots on her tail - at first I thought it could be ich - but they haven't moved in one week - so I am now thinking it could just be her coloring (she is tiny so it is hard to see them - they are def not fungus). Can I rule out ich?

- one fin is shredded a bit (with the white type of line that comes to 'sensitive' fins). The tank it TOTALLY bare except a smooth pot - so 'accidents' are not an option.

- I often find her just resting near the surface - she will do this most of the day unless I am there - then she is all excited and begging for food.

- her tail fin is also starting to look a bit shredded - the white thin 'skin' has formed...

- she still also sometimes 'darts' around. which has got me thinking - flukes.

So assuming the Prazi was pointless - can I stop worrying and assume this is caused by Flukes? It also causes shredding right?

Her 'twin' - in a separate QT is doing fabulous...

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