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New Fishies! Yay

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Hey there

I havent posted in a while

So anyways

My 10 gallon tank is done cycling

I got 8 SUPER TINY TINY neon tetras and 3 black skirts, 3 days ago

I also got a bubble wand

The temperature is about 78-79F

and my nitrates nitrites etc are good to go.

Live plants will be added in a week or so, and hopefully some ghost shrimp.

Any adivce to offer?

OH and a question

my neons are schooling amongst their selves. Will the back skirts ever join, cause they school amongst them selves...

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The black skirts won't school with the neons as they are a different species.

Personally, I would've just left it at the neons...they don't stay 'tiny tiny' forever, mine are all over an inch, the females are a generous size. Also black skirts would be happier in a larger group as well and you don't have the space for that, but you can get away with three.

Planting the tank will certainly help :)

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