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Nutrafin Goldfish Plus

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I was at my LFS the other day and saw a new product called Goldfish Plus a water conditioner formulated for goldfish. I thought I'd give it a try.

Here is the fact sheet:

- Nutrafin Goldfish Plus Tap Water Conditioner, makes tap water safe for Goldfish.

- Protects scales, fins, neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, undesirable metals and features a proven US patented stress relief function with the inclusion of PHE (pure herbal extracts), also effective at preventing inflamation and potential of undesirable conditions from scrapes, torn fins and abrasions.

- This is a complete tap water conditioner for goldfish that contains extra colloids as well as a beneficial buffering agent to help stabilize pH levels.

It says it contains Valerian Root proven to reduce stress in a natural way.

I bought it on the benifit that it would buffer ph. My ph was at 6.8 before my wc and I checked the tap water after a dose of Goldfish Plus. It raised my 7.0 tap water to 7.6 ph. Glad I checked the ph first as I could have harmed my fish as I was about to do a 80% wc. So sadly to say this is an incomplete review at this time as I didnt really give it a try because it raised my ph too high. I did end up conditioning 4 gallons worth during the water change though. I started crushed coral in my filter today so monitoring the ph with this product at this point would not be a good review. It might come in handy if my coral will bring my ph to 7.6 then I could safely do huge water changes with matched water. I would be interested to know how good of a buffer it is.

Anybody have experience or thoughts about a water conditioner designed specifically for goldfish?

I did find it expensive it was $8 canadian for 120ml(4oz) which treats 240 gallons.

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