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New Here..hi!


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Hi I had joined a few years ago, but the system seems to have lost me. haha

Wouldn't let me get my password...said my email did not match any here. Then tried to register with same email...said that email was already in use. :undecided: Sooo, I registered with hubby's email. And here I am.

I had taken a break from goldfish about 2 years ago, sold my tank & gave fish away. But I missed them so much. So bought a 25g tank setup in February and cycled it. Actually went with platy fish after the tank cycled in May. But decided they weren't for me. So called the store where I got them and they agreed to take them back. I put 2 fantails on hold. Prepared the tank for them (removed gravel, using river rock loosely scattered instead, water change, checked parameters, etc)

They're here! So cute. Not fancy, but I like them. :)

Anyway, I'm happy to have goldfish again, and happy to be here. I'm not a frequent poster, preferring to search & look at the wonderful photos. But I am rusty..so may need some help here & there.

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Thank you :) I will take pics later this evening. :)

I can't remember what my old username was, just know I use my hotmail for all forums, etc. I didn't think of emailing Koko. oops...

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hi nicoledc109,

welcome to koko's.. hun, you may want to sart a new topic and introduce yourself.. all you need to do is scroll right to the top of this page on the right hand side, click on "start a new topic" and just introduce yourself.. oooooh.. and we looooove pictures here.. so get ready to post.. i use www.photobucket.com, it's really cool..

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