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Nano Tanks/aqariums?

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So, I'm hearing a lot about nano tanks and aquariums alately and I wanted to learn more. I've tried googling it and am mostly just getting people who are selling small fish tanks. Anyone have any information or helpful websites? :)

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Some people consider a nano tank anything under 20 gallons. In figure I have two. My 6 gallon JBJ Nono Cube.

My 10 gallon is also concided a nano tank by many. I really enjoy both these tanks. Just have to keep in mind many fish are not able to stay in these. It's more about the plant life then the fish.

Here are a couple forum links about planted nano tanks.

Here is one.

Nano planted tanks

And the other one.

More on nano planted tanks.

I just love my Nano Cube now. I hated it the first few years I used it. Cause of the filter. I have thrown it out and now just use a bubble stone.

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