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Leopard Danios Taking After Their Namesake?

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My mum's friend has 6 danios (3 zebra, 3 leopard)in her tropical tank and has found that the three leopards have gone crazy and killed three other fish! And keep attacking the rest. The zebras, on the otherhand, are acting exactly as danios "should" do. Now, as i understood it, leopard danios are actually just a breed of zebra danio, so it seems weird that there should be such a difference. I have a leopard danio myself and have had no problems. Has anyone else had bad experiences with leopard danios?

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All danios are community fish and relatively peaceful. It's hard to say why the fish may be "going crazy and attacking" other fish, but my best guess with no information on water parameters, tank setup details, or other diagnosis information is that your mom's friend probably has a tank with either:

1. poor water conditions,

2. not enough feeding,

3. not enough tank space, or

4. something that is compromising the immunity of the fish (which can also be attributed to poor water)

Most community fish are peaceful omnivores. The only time I've seen community fish pick on other community fish is if there is not enough room for dominant fish to establish a territory, or if fish are getting immune compromised and ill to the point where other fish can "pick" at it. When community fish die, others will pick at them and eat them. That is what they do - goldfish included.

Without important details of the setup, it's almost impossible to tell you what may or may not be the case though. Sorry!

::EDIT:: By the statement you made about how there are 6 danios, and the 3 leopards have killed the other three and are picking at "the rest", I am wondering if the tank is overstocked.

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