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First, some back ground! I went to D.C. and for 10 bucks (Well spent, FYI) I managed to see all there was to see in the national aquarium before our White House tour. It's REALLY cool. Underneath the WH Visitors center, in a dimly lit corridor, the walls where LINED with fish tanks. No goldies, but all types of species native and probably some not native to U.S. waters.

AND THEN... I happened across THIS tank. (It had some itty bitty fish in it I don't recall the name of)


I promptly fell in love with the way the light gave the greens a certain translucency and contrast against the blacks.

So I set out to emulate that mood. This is what I came up with:


T.F. is still in that awkward moving in phase, so I don't have the plants or rocks I want, but I am very pleased with the DIY background my friends and I put together. It's tissue paper affixed to clear plastic sheeting and back-lit with an under-cabinet fluorescent bulb. (Thread on that later? Maaaaybe)The light effect, does however, make it difficult to get good photographs. (No flash, too dark. Flash, can't see light effect.)

The tank is very soothing at night. Almost to the point where I'd rather have it in the bedroom than the kitchen, but then I'd fall asleep with light on!

Tank at night:


Tank at early morning with the kitchen light off:


At first, the kitchen light scared T.F. a good deal, and he would try to hide whenever somebody flicked it on. As evidenced in the next photo, he is not very stealthy.


T.F. is about 8in long including tail, 4-5in without...

So what do you think? Common or Comet goldfish? Any idea why some of his scales are translucent? He is missing a few currently, will they grow back to be light like that?

For fun, here's a link to a tank video! Fish Crossing!

Youtube killed video quality...

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What a pretty tank! :D I really like it, I really do love the greens. :D:rofl I do love the hiding picture! It's great!

I believe that T.F. is a comet. His tail is very long and more pointed than rounded like a common. Commons usually have shorter tails and are kind of rounded at the ends. Regarding to his missing scales, it just varies on how they grow back. Red was missing some scales when I got him and they have grown back a very dark red compared to his more orange color. I'm really not sure how scales grow back though.

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You are so kind!

I wish you guys could see it in person. The whole kitchen is bathed in a dim green light at night before I hit the hay.

Can't wait to order my plants. Gotta sell two old 10 gallons first though! Sakura showed me a picture of these neat bamboo thingies in her 55gal before it started leaking. I saw them, and they where right up my alley.

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He has since learned that even the small plant in the corner makes better cover.

Thankfully, he's gotten used to the light in the kitchen and now begs for food whenever I go get myself a snack. It's hard to resist the temptation, since the peas are in the fridge just waiting...

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I'd like to know what it all would look like with a traditional aquarium light, but the wiring in the light strip is bad and it won't turn on.

Martha, I got that turtle at a dollar store. It's actually a back massager. They had dolphins too, but this was ages ago. If I ever tire of it, you can have it! Don't think I will though, haha. It's been my favorite decoration since I bought it for a betta tank. T.F. likes to stick his head under it and flick it around. It's the weirdest thing.

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