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Pumpkin Is Going Brown?

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Hi all

It's quite possible I just haven't noticed that she is colour changing but Pumpkin all of a sudden has gone brown and orange and white not black. I mean she was calico and now she is mostly orange and brown?!

It's so weird... I am just wondering if she's done that out of stress because the two are currently in a make do container as I move water from their big tank and I am moving back to Suffolk tomorrow??

Slightly worried,


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Is it the black markings that have gone brown? Both my calicos, Mariko and Tigger go brown when stressed, the black just fades. She should be fine once she's back in her tank again.

Yes the black markings have gone brown. It looks good on her but I also think it is stressed. They will be back in tank in about 24 hours I think!

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