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Fish Babies...?


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I get a phone call at work, and it's my sister saying, "There's babies in the pond and I think Death [the fish she named some years ago] is the mummy!" now, this struck me as odd, because as far as I could tell Death was male. But I couldn't continue the conversation at the time because i was dealing with a customer. So I told her she'd have to tell me about it when I got home.

Indeed, i got home and she took me out to the pond to see these babies. Now, what struck me about these these babies that had miraculously been mothered by this MALE fish, was that they were about the same size as the other fish. I didn;t want to say anything straight away, so as not to upset my sister, but it's at this point my mother couldn't keep her laughter in any longer. My sister, very confused at this point, had to have explained to her that my mum had just bought two new fish. :doh11:

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