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Guest Night1703

Well Hi!

My mother and I started to look up information on our new gold fish a while ago because he seemed to be getting alittle sick, and not moving quite as much as we thought he should. We first thought he was just a fancy tail goldfish because that is what we purchased him under, but after some further reserch I found out that he was a Ryukin, we have treated his water for high nitrate levels but being unprepaired we had started him off by feeding him floating flakes... and now I feel guilty that I might have been the reason that he is sick is there any way to help him? Or get him to start eating sinking food? We have purchased some sinking food but he does not eat it... he has tasted it but he spit it back out and just went back to his corner at the top of the tank.

His tank size is about 30 gal and inside, he is alone in there with no other fish, some snails that we have no idea where they came from but no fish. He has plenty of air now, and is about 3 in long and has a calico pattern to his scales. Um if any one can tell me or help me a little more because I love him alot because of how strange he is, like beyond his sickness he just has this crazy to his eyes that I love and when I sit at the edge of the tank he comes to his name at times and we'll just sit/float and stare at each other and I'll laugh because of how big his mouth is. He has had a problem with his size and proportion as well, his fins seem to be too small for his body, and that was one main reason as to me begging my mom if I could buy him, being as that we had never spent over $6 for a fish and he was $30 begging was as good as I could do, it was just something about the way he waddled underwater that made me fall in love with him, he has been with us way past his 15 day mark and my mother does not wish to flush $30 down the toilet and to me he is the best fish I have ever had in my 17 years, he has been the only thing that could cheer me up by just being there.

So please if any one could help me help him I would be very very thankful. For he is my fishy and I love him.


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hi night..

in order for someone to help you, you need to post in the Diagnosis & discussion thread. here is the link:


also, please be sure to fill out as much information you can that you see in the white box. this will help the qualified people to better understand what the problem is..

:welcome and good luck..


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