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What Sort Of Plants Are We?

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I've had these two plants for a loooong time, since I started with goldies (09). However I have no idea what they are. They seem to survive by themselves quite happily, the purple-leaved one especially and it is growing new roots!

I have them in this crappy plastic pot thing at the moment but I'd much rather separate them - I have no idea how to and what I should put them in/on? Preferably make a few little plants out of them.


Front is a purple-leaved one, the back you can just see is all green and has quite thick stems.


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Judging from the reddish underside of the leaves, it's Cryptocoryne wendtii red, or commonly called red wendtii. It's a very pretty plant. I can't tell what the other plant is. You can pull them out of the plastic pot, gently pull/cut off the green potting material, and separate them leaving some healthy portion of roots on each plant. Looks like you can get at least 2 plants out of your red wendtii. If you don't have substrate in your tank, you can pot them up in small terracotta pots or cups or whatever. I'd use plant substrate or pretty fine gravel in the pots for the roots to grow and establish in, with a top layer of bigger size gravel, rocks, pebbles, marbles, etc. It would be beneficial if you tucked in a broken off piece of aquarium plant tablet. Good luck!

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