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Bad Boys! Lol


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Well they are at it again, this is the 3rd time this week that the boys are chasing the girls. The girls have yet to lay eggs and the boys just won't leave them alone.

I have 3 male Orandas that have breeding stars....1 female oranda that they won't leave alone and one fantail female that they love to chase around.

My questions are....hmm is it strange that the male orandas would chase the fantail (they would make different looking babies)??

Both females vents are sticking out more than usual, how long does the dance go one before they will lay eggs? Would the boys even bother if the girls weren't ready? too young etc?

Water prams are excellent, I know I've read somewhere weather may affect spawning...we've had some big changes in weather in the last week, gone from clear skys and nothing below 30 degrees C, to over cast, and low 20's.

I don't think I want to raise fry as it takes so much work, I'm more concerned with them all getting battered up and exhausted..

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