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Lobster Races

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I'm pretty sure I'm the only one on this board who lives in Aiken, SC, but for those of you who live in SC, also, may know what I'm talking about.

Every May we have a festival known as The Lobster Races. It's a big deal here. It's a chance for people to gather in historic downtown Aiken to play games, get drunk, and of course watch a bunch of lobsters race. It's an all-ages event, of course. People even bet on the lobster they think will win. I know it sounds corny, but years back it started as a spoof on the Kentucky Derby in the backyard of someone's house. It became so popular that they moved it downtown and actually block off most of the streets. There are several LONG tanks set up (one lobster per tank) and the lobsters have at it. The losing lobsters become dinner, and the winner gets to stick around til next time it doesn't win. Sounds kinda cruel, I know, but they would've been eaten anyway if left in the store. And if you don't wanna watch a bunch of lobsters race, there are other things to do.

I just thought I'd share a little bit my town's traditions. There are many other festivals we put on, Chocolate Festival and Strawberry Festival where there's a LOT of chocolate and strawberry foods, Aiken's Makin' where artists from all over set up tents and sell their things like jewelry, purses, stuff like that. I love my small city, and if any of you are ever in the area, stop in! :)

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