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Sinking Ryukin


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I rarely get ryukins anymore because I've had to euthanize every one I've ever had due to severe flipover. All the past ones I've had have had floating problems. This is my first sinker. (I didn't post in D&D since it's not really a disease?)

I've had my red and white ryukin for about 2 1/2 years and raised him from a very small fish. He's been perfectly healthy. He's in a 40 gallon that until a few days ago housed 3 medium sized goldfish. It's filtered by a Penguin 330 and gets 50% water changes about every two weeks.

All of the sudden this morning, he's sitting upside down at the bottom of the tank. Is there anything that any of you have tried that has helped sinkers? I was thinking of fasting for a few days and then just feeding greens, which they get regularly anyway.

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