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Breeders Basics


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After searaching high and low for Dragon Eye Tosakins I find out basically that they are very rare and impossible to obtain. So I've been reading like crazy about breeding and pretty much know NOW that my fish hobby will eventually take me there. I'm even lucky to have a husband who supports me whole-heartedly. (He better after that punch in face during sparring)

The basic set up: Main tank, breeding tank, fry tank, green water cull pond (in my case probably a horse troph (sp?)) Will be using homemade sponge filters for most of the plumbing, though if I manage to find a monster fish tank I might use my current 90 gal as a wet/dry sump

Medical essentials: Scope of course, well stocked on all meds plus med foods, running water table system for surgeries (this is more of a wish list item rather than an essential/idea stole from daryl)

Food: Grow bulk what I can and gel/freeze dried of the rest.

Books/show/socials: The best ifnormation you can get is from other breeders. It'll be essentail to go to shows, get involved with the goldfish society. The only book I can really guess that has the most in depth coverage is Joe Smarts Goldfish Genetics: A Handbook for Breeders.

While conformity is important I want to strive for a hardy, healthy fish. Combining the tosakin's cumbersome tail with the poor eye sight of the telescope is just asking for trouble if I don't start off working on a strong immunity in the line. I also realize that this isn't always possible which is why there aren't a large amount of goldfish varieties. As I'm learning more about calicos...they really aren't a fish for a beginner breeder. The rate of sakuras and color fading is so high that it's probaly better to stick with just the basic colors until getting a handle on things.

I cannot stress this enough that this is YEARS away but going into to it with proper planning and research is something I always believe in.

I am not looking for a major operation to start off with, I believe starting small and then gradually strengthening the combinations are the best bet. Breeding in any type of animal is a lesson in patience (unless of course you have some strange hobby of breeding mosquitos, then it's fairly fast) and I understand I could be devoting a decade or so just to get some of the attributes I am looking for and I'm willing to devote that time.

Can you think of anything I might be missing or something that would be beneficial. I left out a lot of the basics I know but I figured those would be common knowledge in the breeding process.

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I talked to a few more breeders (told you they were the best resource) and I think health wise it'll be better to work with butterfly moores and select the fused tails. Combining the two different breeds will just have too many issues to figure out. This is a much simpler plan and I think the simpler plan to start out will work out better.

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